We are QAS

We aim to deliver an optimal contribution to the realisation of first-grade architectural ideas. With our innovating knowledge of façade systems we are the group facilitating architects and builders realising their best work yet. Cooperation, quality and sustainability are our guiding concepts.

Engineered Solutions

Yes we do have standard products and designs, but they will not suit every project. So we will use our experience, our knowledge and our partners to produce the right solution.


There is little that is more satisfying than being involved in the creation of an iconic design.  That is why the QAS design team want to be involved from the concept to the completion.


Quality Architectural solutions.  It is what we are all about!


We are able to deliver projects succesfully because we are dealing from the start to finish with the architect, client and contractor. We have a transparant way of doing things and a proven method to keep our clients informed during the process. Always.